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From startups to the World Cup, modern software teams use Mux products to stream billions of minutes of video every day.

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The API that enables developers to build unique live and on-demand video experiences.

Everything needed to build a beautiful web player for Mux Video — designed for any page and app, all from one platform.

Get the insights and real-time stream analytics to understand user engagement and improve the quality of experience for your viewers.

We work with the world's top 极速赛车 brands,168开奖官方开奖记录,开奖官网直播开奖,全天开奖历史查询结果

Liverpool FC

The video platform for your platform

Mux solves the hard problems software teams face when building video, from live-streaming platforms to on-demand video catalogs and anything in between. Businesses use Mux to launch video features in days, customize the player experience, and monitor video streaming performance, all while scaling seamlessly to the world’s largest audiences.

On Demand Video

Video for developers

Ship faster with more visibility. We're continuously solving the hardest problems in video streaming and wrapping it all up in thoughtfully designed developer tools and dashboards.

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import Mux from '@mux/mux-node'; const { Video } = new Mux(); export default async function handler(req, res) { const upload = await Video.Uploads.create({ cors_origin: '', new_asset_settings: { playback_policy: 'public' } }); res.status(200).setHeader('content-type', 'text/html'); res.send(`<!doctype html> <mux-uploader endpoint="${upload.url}"> <button class="btn" type="button" slot="file-select" > Pick a file </button> </mux-uploader>`) }
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Build for $video

Our products are built for builders. Own the video experience in your product, from upload to playback to everything in between, with help from SDKs and UI components. Developers using Mux can think more about building a differentiated product knowing they’ve already got differentiated video.

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Video for:

*Also for building apps like: Cooking competitions, Virtual reality escape rooms, DIY fashion shows, Street performers, Animal talent shows, Art tutorials, Travel vlogs, Live-action role-playing games, Food reviews, Augmented reality scavenger hunts, Virtual zoo tours, Stand-up comedy, Silent discos, Speed painting contests, Lip-sync battles, Virtual reality therapy, Stop-motion animation, Video game streaming, Virtual ghost tours, Home renovation time-lapses, Underwater exploration, Aerial drone races, ASMR sessions, Virtual reality dating, 360-degree planetarium shows, Online magic shows, Virtual reality job interviews, Interactive theater performances, Pet adoption videos, Virtual reality workout classes, Flash mob performances, Science experiment demonstrations, Collaborative online filmmaking, Amateur film festivals, Virtual reality language classes, Online choirs, Virtual dance competitions, Video game development tutorials, Board game tutorials, Virtual reality treasure hunts, Talent show auditions, Real-life video game recreations, Origami lessons, Virtual reality meditation, Time-lapse plant growth videos, Urban exploration videos, Online puzzle-solving competitions, Virtual reality museum tours, Stargazing livestreams, DIY home automation demos, Live cooking classes, Virtual reality haunted houses, Online fashion swaps, Stop-motion cooking videos, Virtual reality wine tastings, Juggling tutorials, Parkour demonstrations, Virtual reality crime scene investigations, Virtual reality debate clubs, Etc.

They said it best
Out of all the technologies we use, Mux was the easiest for us to implement. We actually over-budgeted our resources for it.
Mohammed Iqbal
Founder and CEO, Sweatworks
Sweatworks logo
They said it best
Working with the Mux team felt like we were all working together, as opposed to the typical vendor/client relationship. Mux was with us every step of the way, from ideation to delivery.
Lucas Kacher
Staff Software Engineer and Engineering Lead for Video, VSCO
They said it best
We have over 800 companies using our tool and over hundreds of thousands of uniques using it per month. Mux is a big reason why we’re able to do that.
Caroline Clark
CEO and Co-founder
Arcade Logo
They said it best
Mux Data caught a number of issues we would never have found otherwise. And beyond issues, the data helps us identify where there are opportunities for improvement.
Mark Bogdanoff
Production Engineer, Ted
Ted Logo

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