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One API to build and scale unlimited video possibilities.

Adding video / Going live

Direct uploads

Direct Uploads allow you to simplify your workflow by providing an authenticated upload URL to your client applications so content can be uploaded directly to Mux without needing any intermediary steps, like having your file stored online somewhere else first.

Direct uploads

Pull-based inputs

If you already have your video assets somewhere, you won’t have to upload them again to Mux. We can pull them from any web-addressable location.

Wide range of input file formats

Get started quickly–Mux accepts many types of input video files (literally hundreds of codecs!) including every modern video format.

  • H.264 (AVC)/H.265 (HEVC)
  • VP8/VP9
  • Opus
  • Plus hundreds more

Test assets

Try out any video feature without incurring cost with test assets. These video assets have certain limitations that you can use in any non-production environment (i.e. staging, dev environment, etc).

Test assets


Clip any live or on-demand video at exactly the time you want and have it be ready almost instantaneously.

Stream live

Mux makes it easy to just go live. Give your users a reusable stream key and they can go live as many times as they please with a persistent live stream.

Stream live

RTMP input

Mux supports live streaming using the RTMP protocol, which is supported by most broadcast software / hardware as well as open source software for mobile applications.


Just-in-time encoding

Mux is the first video streaming platform that doesn't make users wait for transcoding, offering the fastest video publishing possible. Videos are encoded while the first viewers watch them, making it available to watch in just a few seconds after upload.

Smart adaptive bitrate (ABR) ladder

All of Mux’s encoding processes all work together to deliver an optimized adaptive bitrate ladder so you can avoid the ongoing, manual process of fine-tuning which resolution and bitrate combinations to use.

Smart adaptive bitrate (ABR) ladder

Audio normalization

Audio quality is important, too. Our audio normalization filter will adjust the volume, whether it’s too loud or too quiet, to be consistent and provide a pleasant listening experience to your audience.

Audio normalization

Streaming out

Subtitles and Closed Captions

Make your content more accessible and reach a global audience with subtitles and closed captions. Send us subtitles or caption files and we’ll automatically associate and include them with the video stream.

Subtitles and Closed Captions

Auto-generated captions

Uses speech recognition technology and machine learning to automatically generate captions for your videos.


Easily grab a thumbnail or poster image from anywhere in your video with our Image URL API.

Mux Thumbnail at 3 seconds


Create high quality GIFs from any Mux video with one simple GET request. With no additional API request to make or waiting period to receive it - just GET a URL and we’ll create a GIF.

Mux GIF at 3 seconds


Storyboards allows all Mux API developers the ability to obtain a collage of your video with thumbnails spaced over regular intervals.


MP4 for offline viewing

Support offline viewing with the ability to stream or download a Mux asset using the MPEG-4 (.mp4) video format.

MP4 for offline viewing

Multi-track audio

Add alternate audio tracks to your on-demand video. From additional languages to audio descriptions, enable your viewers to choose the experience that’s right for them.

4K support

Encode, store, and deliver assets with up to 4K resolution (2160p).


Brand or label your videos with watermarks. Overlay any image you want and control the placement on your video.


Playback policies

Playback policies let you control the level of security for each asset. A Mux video asset can have multiple playback-id’s, each with a playback policy that is public or signed. The playback policy can be specified when creating a new asset, or you can use the playback policy API to create a new playback-id with the desired policy.

Signed URLs

Increased security to prevent leeching and hotlinking of your video content. Mux uses signed JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to describe access restrictions.

Signed URLs

Redundant delivery option

Leveraging redundant delivery gives you access to a more resilient multi-CDN delivery strategy, allowing you more protection against CDN, or internet infrastructure outages. You can enable redundant delivery on both live and on-demand streams.

Live simulcasting

Also known as live syndication, rebroadcasting, and RTMP passthrough, let users forward a live stream to social networks by simply adding a Simulcast Target.

  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube Live
  • Twitter Periscope
  • Twitch
  • Crowdcast
  • Vimeo

Low-latency live streaming

Bulit with LL-HLS, low-latency live streaming enables you to achieve as low as 5 seconds of latency on your live streams.


Usage tracking per asset

View delivered minutes by each asset so you can understand how much each video is being watched. This can help you create a complete picture of your costs, allowing you to track and charge users for usage of your platform.

Multi-organization user access

Have fully segregated configuration, administration, and access for multiple Mux accounts.

Master access

In cases where Mux has the only copy of a video, we make it easy for you to retrieve the master version. We mean it when we say you should have full ownership of your video.

Master access


Mux uses webhooks to let your application know when things happen asynchronously, outside of an API request cycle. After a webhook is configured for an environment, notifications will be sent for all events for that environment. Worried about security? We include a signature with each request to verify that we’re the ones who sent it.


Headless CMS integration

If you’re using a headless CMS, Mux can integrate seamlessly with your workflow. Upload and manage video assets through your CMS knowing you’re delivering the best video experience to your audience.

  • Contentful
  • DatoCMS
  • Sanity
  • Cosmic
  • Strapi

Live Stream Input Health

Monitor the health of live streams and assess the performance with data from the stream, encoder, and webhooks.

Engagement Metrics

Track the success of your videos with metrics around Views, Unique Viewers, and Playing Time. These set of metrics enable you to create KPIs, plan for service capacity or platform maintenance, and better understand success drivers. Included for every Mux Video customer.

Video analytics

For ongoing monitoring and optimization of your video platform, Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics include over 20+ metrics in 4 categories. Get professional broadcast-level monitoring tools to investigate issues and ensure your videos are delivering the best experience possible.

Video analytics

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