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Faster, more scalable video data

Data is the foundation of great video experiences. With just a few lines of code, you’ll get the data you need at world-leading scale so you can understand streaming analytics, monitor user engagement, and improve the quality of experience (QoE) for your viewers.

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Behind the world’s largest scale

Understand what viewers experience no matter how many people are watching. With Mux Data, you can rely on the infrastructure that supports the world’s largest streaming events, reaching even tens of millions of concurrent viewers.

Your data, fit for your needs

Your data is yours, and you should be able to use it however you want. Access historical and real-time data through restful APIs, schedule daily CSV exports of your data, and integrate seamlessly with the tools you already use, like Amazon Kinesis and Google Pub/Sub, plus destinations like Snowflake and BigQuery.

Expertly built. Expertly supported.

Expertise matters. And the Mux team comes from the best of the best in video: The founders built Zencoder and Video.js and run the world’s premier video engineering conference, Demuxed. With a support team built around industry experts, you can easily get questions answered and understand every metric as you go.

Actionable insights. Industry-leading speed.

Monitor critical metrics in real time through a single, operational dashboard — so you can handle major streaming issues before your support team is overwhelmed. Plus, you’ll get the insights fast, with a lower latency than any alternative in the industry.

Data operations dashboard

End-to-end visibility. Including CMCD.

Get visibility on everything from the player to ads to CDNs, and evaluate every piece of your video workflow. With easy-to-integrate technology, like CMCD, you can tie your QoE analytics together with your CDN performance logs to pinpoint the causes of viewer issues or see the impact of ads and ad servers on your viewers’ experience. With tons of standard and custom dimensions, you can track the full picture of your video workflow.

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Understand your performance at a glance

Monitor the key dimensions of video quality of service (QoS): playback failures, startup time, rebuffering, and video quality. With Mux’s industry-first viewer experience scores, you can quickly summarize your video platform’s performance on a daily or weekly basis. Benchmark your metrics against other Mux customers to help understand where you have the biggest potential for improvement.

Viewer experience timeline

See what’s happening (before users do)

Get alerts when something goes wrong, and use Mux’s powerful dashboard to dig deeper. Track video playback down to the individual view level, so your engineering and support teams can know exactly what’s happening on every user’s device and debug more effectively.

Viewer experience timeline

Deeply understand user engagement

Report on the engagement of live vs. on-demand video, views per device type, distribution of traffic across your different player platforms, and other metadata fields that are mission-critical to your teams.

Engagement illustration

Evaluate technology using real data

Pick the player, CDN, ad server, and other services that perform best for your specific platform through A/B testing and performance monitoring.

Spend your time and money where it counts

With our Impact Sorting, you can quickly learn which browsers, devices, regions, CDNs, players, ads, and videos are creating the most problems for your viewers, and watch as your efforts make users happier.

Metrics illustration

Technical specs

Metrics tracked

Engagement Metrics
Unique Viewers
Playing Time
Engagement Integration API
Unique Viewers
Playback Success Score
Playback Failure Percentage
Exits Before Video Start
Video Startup Failure Percentage
Startup Time Score
Video Startup Time
Player Startup Time
Page Load Time
Aggregate Startup Time
Seek Latency
Preroll Request Time
Preroll Load Time

Requests for First Preroll

Smoothness Score
Rebuffer Percentage
Rebuffer Frequency
Rebuffer Duration
Rebuffer Count
Video Quality Score
Upscale Percentage
Downscale Percentage
Max Upscale Percentage
Max Downscale Percentage
Weighted Average Bitrate
Live Stream Latency
Request Throughput
Request Latency
Max Request Latency
Ad Attempts
Ad Breaks
Ad Break Errors
Ad Break Error Percentage
Ad Errors
Ad Error Percentage
Ad Impressions
Ad Startup Errors
Ad Startup Error Percentage
Ad Exits Before Start
Ad Exits Before Start Percentage

Filters available

Browser Version
Operating System
Operating System Version
Device Name
Device Model
Device Category
Device Brand
Remote Played?
Viewer ID
Error Code
Exited Before Video Start?
View Has Ad
Video Startup Failure
Player Name
Player Version
Player Software
Player Software Version
Mux Plugin
Mux Plugin Version


Video Title
Video ID
Video Series
Mux Playback ID
Mux Asset ID
Mux Live Stream ID
Source Type
Stream Type
Sub Property ID
Encoding Variant
Experiment Name
DRM Type
Source Hostname
Connection Type
View Session ID
Preroll Ad Asset
Preroll Ad Tag
Preroll Requested?
Preroll played?
Up to 10 custom filters

Video players supported

  • Generic HTML5
  • Video.js
  • HLS.js
  • Dash.js
  • Shaka Player
  • Brightcove
  • Azure Media Player
  • JW Player
  • Bitmovin Player
  • Kaltura
  • Ooyala Player
  • THEOplayer
  • Flowplayer
  • Comcast Technology
  • Solutions/thePlatform PDK
  • Akamai Media Player
  • AgnoPlay
  • Apple iOS (v9+)
  • Android ExoPlayer (v2.9+)
  • Android MediaPlayer
  • Brightcove Player for iOS and Android
  • JW Player for iOS and Android
  • THEOplayer for iOS and Android
  • Kaltura for iOS and Android
  • React Native Video
    • OTT
  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV tvOS(v9+)
  • Fire TV
  • Samsung Tizen
  • LG WebOS

Mux Data is included with every Mux Video stream.

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